About the PRINCE2 Maturity Model

The PRINCE2 Maturity Model focuses on the 8 processes:

SU - Start Up
IP - Initiating a Project
MP - Managing Product delivery
SB - Stage Boundaries
DP - Directing a Project
PL - Planning
CP - Closing a Project

The Maturity Model asks specific questions regarding each process, this is either about a product that is delivered within the process or a sub process that should be undertaken. During analysis of the project the assessor must indicate if:

1) The project is delivering or undertaking the sub process by indicating compliance
2) The quality of the deliverable or sub process

In most instances this will be easy to answer, although a few instances the assessor will need to reference PRINCE2 to qualify the rating.

Once you have completed a single process or multiple processes the process analysis graph will give you a clear indication as to where your delivery strengths and weaknesses are. You can now use this information to understand where improvements are required and decide on how to take corrective action.

For example, below is the analysis of a project Start Up phase. You can see that the 'preparing a Project Brief' tasks are only 50% undertaken, and of that 50% the quality of the deliverables is only 20%. You can conclude from this the project need to review how it prepares a project brief, undertake the required tasks and improve the quality.

PRINCE2 Project Dashboard