Project Tools

Total Programme Control has developed a host of project tools that assist in the successfully delivery of projects and programmes. These tools have been developed, tested and applied in real projects across multiple sectors and projects types. Each tool saves you time, encourages best practice approaches and short cuts you to the output you need without spending time developing the tool yourself.

Project Templates

Project Templates
We can provide multiple 'out of the box' templates covering:
• Financial
• Agile Scrum
• Rational Unified Process

Smart Project Estimation

Project Estimates
Project estimation is always a challenge, we can make this task easier and more reliable using:
• Top down estimation - Estimating projects based on their required outcomes.
• Bottom up estimation - Estimating projects by combining base components.
• Resource bases estimation - Estimating projects based on resource requirements.
• Product based estimation - Estimating projects by the required products.
• Project phase based estimation - Estimating project by methodology phases.
• Estimation analysis and comparison - Comparing all the above estimation to conclude one estimate.

Requests For Proposals

We can provide the following tools to assist with Request For Proposals and supplier reviews:
• RFP/RFI Request Templates
• RFP/RFI Requirements
• Site Visits
• Reference Visit
• Finance Check
• Q&A sessions
• ISO 27001 assessment
• Supplier comparison and selection


We can provide a frameworks for contracts covering:
• Delivering fixed price projects, project based on time and materials or professional services
• Hosting services, including ISO27001, Non-Functional requirements, SLA's, service penalties
• Support and Maintenance, covering, SLA's, operational testing (Pen test,data integrity, DR/Fail Over tests)
• Licenses and commercials, including managed renewals, price increase controls, exit clauses
• Supplier of services, including individuals or operational services


We can provide templates and tools for reporting, this includes:
• Project Check Point Reports
• Finance status, capex, opex, depreciation and benefits analysis
• Individual resource weekly reports
• Project Health Check
• Quality assurance
• Board level reports
• Portfolio analysis and profit prediction


We have developed a host of processes, tried and tested which include:
• Release Management
• Proposal approvals
• Change Management
• Sprint Delivery
• Disaster Recovery
• Testing
• Security Breach

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